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Anjangaon, located in Maharashtra, is a city and a municipal council. It forms a part of the Amravati district. Anjangaon’s name is mostly heard with Surji. Together these are called Anjangaon-Surji – the twin cities as they lie on either side of river Shahanoor. The city has been known for its religious connotations since its inception. There are several places of religious importance in the city.


History of Anjangaon

Anjangaon is situated on the banks of river Shahanoor which was earlier referred to as Sharneera. Sharneera means a river created with an arrow. It was named so as it is said that this river was generated when Arjuna shot an arrow on the barren land here. The city has been given the stature of one of the Mahals of Vidarbha in Ain-i-Akbari. The chief of Maratha, Daulat Rao Sindhia signed the Treaty of Surji-Anjangaon with the British in 1803 in Anjangaon. The deal was struck after the Battle of Argaum and Battle of Assaye. 

After more than a century, in the year 1930, Anjangaon was given the status of Municipal Council. This is the first municipal council in Amravati district. It is also the second biggest one in the entire district.

Geography of Anjangaon

The city is situated at 21.1631°N 77.3094°E. The average elevation it has is 374 metres.

Distance from Different Cities within the State

Here is the distance of Anjangaon from some of the main cities in Maharashtra:

Anjangaon to Mumbai: 651 km
Time Taken: Approximately 11 hours

Anjangaon to Thane: 631 km
Time Taken: Approximately 10 hours 45 mins

Anjangaon to Pune: 541 km
Time Taken: Approximately  9 hours 55 mins

Anjangaon to Nashik: 486 km
Time Taken: Approximately 8 hours 30 mins

Anjangaon to Nagpur: 217 km
Time Taken: Approximately 3 hours 35 mins

Economy of Anjangaon

Anjangaon boasts of a good economy from the earlier times itself. It was into the export of betel leaves initially. These leaves were exported to Pakistan, Indonesia and various Arabian countries and contributed to the city’s economy to a large extent. The city later began cultivating a medicinal plant named Piper nigrum and an aromatic spice called Piper longum. When it comes to cultivation, the place is also known for growing oranges and bananas. The bananas cultivated here are supplied to entire Maharashtra. These are also supplied to other parts of the country including Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Chhattisgarh and exported to Nepal.

The place is also known for its amazing basket work. Many skilled artisans earn their living from the art of basket making. Other industries that largely add to Anjangaon’s economy include the cotton mills, sugar mill, sawmills and pressing companies. Besides the agro products and fruit packaging firms also contribute to its economy to some extent.

Culture in Anjangaon

People belonging to different religions including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Jainism live in complete harmony in Anjangaon. Various festivals such as Diwali, Eid, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Navratri and Ganesh Chaturthi are celebrated with great zeal in the city. People of Anjangaon and its twin city Surji especially come out in large numbers to celebrate the Dwarkeshwar Yatra which is carried out in Surji. It is conducted on the second day of Pola festival each year. Kathichi Jatra is another main event celebrated here. In this, a fair is organised each Monday starting from Nagpanchami to the Pola Festival.

Tourism in Anjangaon

The city does not have any happening tourist spot where the tourists are drawn to however there are many places of religious importance in and around the city that attract a good number of pilgrims from different parts of the state. Here is a look at these places:

Vitthal Mandir: The temple built by Ruplal Maharaj is located near Shiv Parvati Nagar in Anjangaon. Lord Vitthal is a manifestation of the Hindu God Vishnu and is worshipped throughout Maharashtra.

Devnath Math: This ancient math is situated in Surji. It was built here in the year 1754 and still holds its charm. The pious math attracts many tourists.

Shri Deonath Maharaj Math: This math located in Surji is also a popular place for those who love visiting holy places. It was built in the year 1705.

Shree Sant Gulab Baba Samadhi Mandir: This samadhi temple, located in Takarkhede is dedicated to the great Saint Gulab Baba. He preached the people to live in peace. He opposed castism and urged the people not to fight over their religious believes. He believed that God is one.

Other places of religious importance here include Shri Ganpati Devasthan in Boral and Shri Balaji Sansthan in Kathipura.

Hill Stations near Anjangaon

There are quite a few hill stations located near Anjangaon that you can visit to get a respite from your routine life. Let us have a look at some of these:


Distance from Anjangaon: 54 km
Time Taken: Approximately 1 hr 15 mins

One of the nearest weekend getaways from Anjangaon, Chikhaldara was developed into a picturesque hill resort by the British. The popularity of this place is growing year after year. All thanks to its breathtaking surroundings and beautiful tourist spots. Shakkar Lake, Gavilgad fort, Narnala fort, Melghat Tiger reserve, Bhimkund, Semadoh lake, Kalapani dam and Pandit Nehru Botanical gardens are the main tourist spots here. You will also see a large variety of flora and fauna here. To top it all, the weather of this place is awesome.

Distance from Anjangaon: 558 Km
Time Taken: Approximately 10 hrs

From waterfalls to hills to ancient forts - this hill station has it all! It thus makes a perfect place for the tourists. The serenity of this place attracts many a tourists. If you are looking forward to spend some quite time with your family then this is the place for you. Mount Kalsubai, Ratangad Fort, Wilson Dam, Amriteshwar Temple, Arthur Lake, Wilson Dam and Harishchandragarh Fort.

Malshej Ghat
Distance from Anjangaon: 550 Km
Time Taken: Approximately 10 hrs 15 mins

Another beautiful hill station in the Western Ghats, it is known for its green valleys, enchanting dark forests and awe-inspiring waterfalls. You will find a wide variety of flora and fauna here. If you love bird watching then it is best to visit the place during the monsoon season as several multihued birds migrate to the place at this time of the year. The main tourist spots here are Malshej Falls, Shivneri Fort, Pimpalgaon Joga Dam and Bird Graveyard.

Distance from Anjangaon: 418 Km
Time Taken: Approximately 8 hours

The hill station located in the Satpura mountain range attracts the Hindu pilgrims especially during the Mahashivratri festival. The surroundings here are beautiful and the climate of the place is pleasant all through the year. Yashwant Lake, Lotus Lake, Nagarjun Point, Sunset Point, Seven Steps View Point, Coffee Garden, Gorakshaknath Temple, Sita Khai and Check Dam are among the famous tourist spots here.

Transportation System of Anjangaon

Anjangaon is connected to Akola, Amravati, Nagpur, Akot and many other cities via the state transport buses (MSRTC). Besides, some private bus agencies also provide service and help you connect to many other cities as well. The city is also connected to the rest of the state and other states in the country via rail route.

The nearest airports here are the Akola airport and the Amravati airport. Both are located at a distance of 75 km from Anjangaon.

Fact File of Anjangaon

Area: 3.37 sq km
Population: 56,380 as of 2001
Density: 17,000 sq km
Language: Marathi
PIN: 444705
Telephone Code: 07224
Vehicle Registration: MH-27
Time Zone: IST (UTC+5:30)

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